WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

10 Interesting & Strange Flavors of E-Liquid Vaping Juice

We’re all familiar with the standard flavors of e-liquid, ranging from fruity and sweet, to tobacco and coffee. Well, there are some manufacturers who are really thinking outside the box when it comes to new flavors. Here we’ve compiled a list of the 10 strangest flavors we could find, ranging from just disgusting to “Well maybe I’ll try it once…”:

“The Elvis” by Firebrand – If you’re a fan of the King, you probably know about his odd food cravings, which inspired this interesting e-juice. Based on one of his favorite sandwiches, you’ll taste bananas, peanut butter, and bacon all at once!

“NOT-CHO CHEESE FAUXRITOS” by Apollo – Love Doritos? Then we have a flavor for you! This odd concoction tastes like classic nacho cheese Doritos, a must-have for any chip lover!

“Hot Dog” by Hangsen – Can’t wait till the summer to devour those grilled hot dogs? Luckily there is a hot dog flavored e-juice that you can enjoy all year long. Although Hangsen may not manufacture it anymore, you can still find other brands on the internet.

“Beer Wizard” by ECBlend – Cut back on all those carbs with this beer flavored e-juice! It's probably bested that you stick to drinking beer instead of vaping it though. Some say this e-juice smells like a beer that’s been left out for a day.

“Butter” by ECBlend – What’s the best part about popcorn? All the hot butter of course! Reviews say this one is better when mixed with another flavor.

“King Crab Legs” by ECBlend – Another gem from ECBlend, comes an e-juice that tastes of crab legs. Not sure why someone thought to make this but the reviews are not bad…finally, a nice affordable seafood dinner!

“Blue Cheese” by High Desert Vapes – You really have to like cheese to appreciate this one. Might be better if mixed with the next flavor.

Buffalo Fried Chicken and Waffles” by Good as Gold – Imagine a big plate piled high with golden fried buffalo chicken wings on top of a stack of buttery fluffy waffles covered with sweet maple syrup. Is your mouth watering yet?

“Pizza Flavor” by High Desert Vapes – Strange? Maybe. But who wouldn’t want to have a hot slice of cheese pizza just a push of a button away? Very good reviews all around!