WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

5 Vaping Mistakes Beginners Make

No matter if you are experienced or new to vaping, there are a few issues that come with vaping that you will come across. Everyone is a beginner at some point and vaping is very preference based, so experimenting will take place. Many of these issues tend to happen as you enter the world of vaping as you find your own path with mods and juices. Here are the top five mistakes made by beginners when starting to vape. 

  • Wrong Nicotine - When it comes to vaping you will need to choose your nicotine levels. Starting out, you will want to reference the shop or company you are buying from as there are different levels and experiences. At higher nicotine levels you can become sick while lower nicotine levels can have users craving for cigarettes. Be sure to experiment to find your comfort level.
  • The wrong Flavor - It is easy for beginners to make mistakes when it comes to choosing a flavor as there are thousands of different flavors and blends out on the market. As mentioned before, vaping is a preference based hobby so start off with flavors of your favorite foods. Don't doubt you will find a flavor you love, name your food and there is probably an e-liquid out there with that flavor. 
  • Not Changing Your Coil - With vaping, the liquid is turned into vapor by the coil inside of your tank. Think of it as a light bulb, once the coil inside the bulb breaks or is weak, it will not light and needs to be replaced. Most coils will give you warning signs that inform you to change your coil. Look out for less vapor production, bad tasting experiences and some cases, leaking from the tank. Each tank has their own coils and all act differently. If you noticed these signs, consider changing your coil!
  • Not Charging Your Battery - This happens to anyone that has a chargeable appliance, the battery dies during usage. Just like with a phone, users tend to forget to fully charge their vape pens or mods. A dead battery halfway through a vape session is something no one wants. As a tip, charge your mod the same time as you charge your phone, that way you will have both devices fully charged for your day.
  • Frustration - When it comes to entering a new hobby that you know little of, things can get frustrating and overwhelming at times. The good thing here is that the vape community is always here to help! You can go to our friends, local shop, online store, or look on social media to find help to give you the vaping success you are looking for. Ask as many questions as you need to get the best vaping experience possible.