WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

7 Gifts For Your Vaping Partner

Gift giving, whether it be for holidays or just because, is always a great way to show your love and appreciate for your significant other. No matter who the person is or what they are in to, there is a gift for every person and this includes vapers. Those that have entered the vaping world and come accustomed to the #VapeNation lifestyle have a plethora of gifts that they can give or receive This is due in part to the never-ending creation of new flavor e-juices for their vape mods as well as different kinds of mods and devices to use to vape. If you are thinking of getting your special someone a vape inspired gift, here are our top seven vaping gifts. 


If you haven't seen or heard of this device yet, then you will soon because the Juul is the latest and most popular mini vaping device on the market at the moment. It has taken college campuses by storm and tends to be the go-to device for younger generations. The Juul is great because it works great and gives the user a cigarette-type experience while having a sleek and stealthy design.

Naked Juice

If your partner is a big fan of sweets then you will want to consider purchasing e-juice from Naked 100. This e-juice company is one of the leading e-juice companies on the market now and it is because of their many different flavors ranging from desserts, fruits, candy, and even tobacco. In addition to their flavors, they have different nicotine strengths to accommodate different smokers.

SMOK Priv One

If your special someones loves to create a lot of cloud smoke when vaping than this mod is the one for them. What makes these mods so great is that they are not bulky like most mods that produce a lot of smoke are. They are great to carry around and fit easily in the palm of your hand. 

Coil Master V3

If you find your significant other always upgrading their atomizers or fiddling with different settings using little pliers or screw drivers than they will love this tool set. It has all of the tools necessary to "rebuild" any mod and comes with a carrying case to help keep everything organized. 

SMOK G-Priv 2

As mentioned before, cloud lovers will go for the SMOK Priv One, but if they are on the technical side then they will love the G-Priv 2. This mod features a touchscreen and promises up to 230 watts. In addition, you will also get two 18650 batteries and a free juice bottle. 

Suorin Drop

If you are a fan of a nice and tight draw from your vape, almost like a cigarette, then you will want to consider the Sourin Drop. It produces that tight vaping experience you crave while coming in a sleek and stylish body. 

Smoant Ranker 218W

If you consider your special one a keeper then they should get gifts that show that appreciation. If they vape, then a gift from one of the best mod makers on the market is a sure fire way to get them to smile. The newest mod fro Smoant, the Ranker 218W has an amazing temperature control suite, true to settings power, and is made from quality materials.