WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Flavors for the Mountian

As the winter months come to an end and we get ready for new spring and summertime vape flavors, we also like to reflect on some of the best winter flavors. More specifically, the best ones for the Mountain when out Skiing or Snowboarding. Check out our staff’s favorite flavors when out on the hills of the BEAST Coast!

Mountain Dew

With a name like Mountain Dew, we had to do it! This is a two-part Mountain Best flavor as some producers of vape juice even make a Taco Bell staple, Baja Blast variety. Not only is the name perfect for the mountain, Mountain Dew is heavily involved in Ski and Snowboard culture as they were one of the first sponsors of events like the X-Games and eventually breaking off to create its own coveted competition, the Dew Tour. Former winners of the Dew Tour include snowboarding legend Shaun White and skiing icon Tanner Hall.

Belgium Waffle

IF you have ever skied or boarded Okemo or Mt Snow in Vermont, the smell of waffles fills the air about halfway down the hill. They aren’t filling the snow guns with this aroma, but its produced from the Waffle Cabins they constructed partly up the hill. If your full of a hearty pre-riding breakfast but still crave the sweet taste of Belgium Waffle, this flavor is perfect for you. After a long day of riding, you may still end up getting one!

Mocha Peppermint

Grabbing coffees on the way to the hill is a tradition for most skiers and boarders. For those who enjoy something on the sweeter side, mocha peppermint includes coffee, chocolate, and a peppermint flavor reminiscent of Christmas.

Lineage Vapors- Come and ask about our favorite flavors!

You and your friends have a few more trips to the mountain planned before the season ends? Come into your local Lineage Vapors and ask our staff about their favorite flavors. If you have questions regarding your vape, flavors, or are new to beginners, we will be happy to help with what you need for an enjoyable vaping experience. We look forward to seeing you and stay safe on the slopes!