WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

FDA Extends Deadline for Registering Vape Liquids & Devices

Although many knew that the FDA would eventually start regulating the vape industry, they never thought the regulations would be this harsh. Many shop owners have been put in a bad position because of the new laws, and fear that they may have to close down. With the new high costs of testing each new liquid and any device that delivers nicotine, vape industry leaders and hobbyists will have to band together to fight back against the FDA.

The people most affected by these regulations will be the vape shop owners. The FDA states that any vape shop that prepares liquids containing nicotine or creates or modifies ENDS devices, must meet all the requirements that the FDA has already set for tobacco manufacturers. This means virtually every vape shop out there. Many vape shop owners are teaming up with lawyers to defend certain cases, in hopes that the FDA will reconsider easing up on their regulations.

On December 9, the FDA extended its deadline to register products to June 30, 2017. Normally, all tobacco companies manufacturing, preparing or processing a tobacco product, must register with the FDA by Dec. 31 each year. Even though vaping does not involve tobacco of any kind, vape products and devices are being tied in any way.

What can you do?

As hobbyists, you may think all you can do, is sit back and hope that things work out. Now is the time to become involved so that you don’t see the vape industry disappear. With the insanely high costs of registering each product and device, the vape industry will essentially be wiped out, leaving the big tobacco companies to continue their reign. Contact your State Senators, share your knowledge on social media, start petitions, and push for your rights to be heard!