WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Massachusetts Prop 21: Close call on flavor ban

Prop 21

Massachusetts almost took the final steps to join California, New Jersey and Maine on increasing the age to 21 for individuals to buy tobacco products. Cigarettes and other Tobacco products continue to be a public health issue within the US and this proposition was aimed to deter those from using tobacco at a younger age and becoming addicted. In principle, sounded like a reasonable request. Some would argue with 18 being the age to vote, join the military, or even get married, why take away their right to choose as an adult? The discussion around 18 vs 21 didn’t appeal to use here at Lineage Vapors but what raised our interest was some of the fine print within the potential law change regarding E-Juice.


Prop 21 included e-juice or vaping juice, as a tobacco product. While E-juice can contain nicotine, which is usually extracted from the tobacco plant, it is significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco itself. Smoking Tobacco contains hundreds of carcinogens and added chemicals used to slow down the burning process and make the plants grow faster. E-juice mainly consists of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavorings. Propylene glycol and Glycerin taking up almost 95% of its contents! With so many of our customers, several of which are under 21, relying on e-juice to end their cigarette addiction, we started following the story.

In addition to e-juices potentially becoming more regulated, there was also language around banning certain flavors that could appeal to those under 21. If you have made the switch from cigarettes or tobacco products, you know the best part about vaping is the limitless flavor selection!

The Decision

Ultimately the bill didn’t pass across the state of MA. Some cities and towns are adopting the law, but the issues seem to lie more with physical, tobacco products as oppose to e-Juice. As a Vape shop, we see first hand how vaping is giving individuals a chance to lead a healthier lifestyle. We see vaping as the fun alternate solution to end smoking. To learn more about Prop 21, see the original article here. Come visit us at any of our 6 locations and learn more about how we can help end your unhealthy smoking habits!