WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

New FDA E-Cigarette & Vaping Regulations

Cigarette smoking has been one of the leading causes of death in the US and has wreaked mayhem on U.S. public health. Smoking cigarettes actually cause one of every five deaths and this addiction still persists! As many smokers can testify that quitting is hard, so one would think public-health officials would be more welcoming to innovations that help people quit smoking easier or reduce the intake of this harmful substance. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken the opposite method when it comes to electric cigarettes.

E-cigarettes aren’t a 100% risk-free, but it could cut down smoking-related deaths by 21%. Even though e-cigarettes and vaporizers have been proven to be a useful tool for many smokers trying to quit, the FDA’s new regulation has forced manufacturers to comply with the Tobacco Control Act which will create barriers that will steer consumers to the most harmful methods of nicotine delivery. As of August 8th, 2016 FDA regulations that are listed below are immediately in effect for all vape & e-cigarette shops.


  • All new e-liquid and hardware will not be allowed to enter the market without prior (expensive) testing and approval by the FDA. Basically, we will not be releasing any new liquid or hardware unless it was created prior to 8/8/2016.
  • All vapor stores will not be allowed to give out free samples. We are all required to charge a tasting bar fee for customers that want to test out new flavors. Lineage is in the process of implementing a solution to make it as minimally impactful to our customers.
  • All vapor stores will not be allowed to build coils for customers. FDA considers any store building a coil for a customer as a tobacco manufacturer. Lineage will be allowing anyone that would like to come in and have a free lesson to do so prior to that date.
  • All vapor stores will not be allowed to assemble products for any customers. Basically, if you buy a new tank or mod, we cannot help you put it together or help you fill it. We can only give oral instruction prior to you opening the package.
  • All vapor stores will not be allowed to discuss any health benefits of vaping. We cannot tell customers that it is in any way safer than smoking a cigarette or suggest it as an alternative to smoking even though there are countless studies by reputable institutions (including the United Kingdom government) that prove it is.
  • All vapor stores will be required to only sell products to adults (18+) or whatever the legal smoking age is in your respective state. Massachusetts and New Hampshire are 18+ and this is a practice that Lineage has been following since the day we opened our doors (well before it became a requirement). Please be respectful of vape shop employees asking for ID even if we already know you. If we get caught not carding customers, its a very hefty fine.

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