WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Cloud Tricks

Since people have been smoking different plants and herbs, smoke tricks have been there along for the ride. And while vaping provides those trying to quit smoking a healthier alternative, it also allows people to show off their smoke tricks! Vaping allows you to control the settings on your pen or rig, which allows you to blow bigger clouds and try new tricks. Within this post, we wanted to highlight some of Lineage Vapors favorite party, vape cloud tricks!

Smoke Rings

Blowing O’s or rings brings us back to visions of the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonder Land. While he blew his rings with hookah smoke, if the tale took place in 2018, for certain he would be using a vape. Rings can be produced by filling one’s mouth with vapor and tapping lightly on the side of ones check. It can also be done by a combination of tongue movement and a quick exhale. Easier said than done if you’ve ever tried for yourself!

French Inhale

Seen in music videos and epic movie villain close-ups, the French inhale is a staple in the smoke trick community. The French inhale requires on to fill one’s mouth with cloud and then slowly push out the vapor while simultaneously inhaling with the nose. Have a friend record with Snapchat or Instagram's slo-mo feature for a story that will prompt some responses! 

The Vortex or Smoke Tornado

This trick will be sure to impress vapers and non-vapers alike. Being called the Tornado, the trick is exactly how it sounds. This trick requires a few additional, easily accessible props. The only things one needs to perform the vortex is a clean table and a paper towels inside the roll. Inhale as much cloud as you can and slowly exhale out the roll onto the clean table. Be sure to do this very slowly. Once the vapor is hovering over the table, slowly place your hand above the cloud then quickly raise your hand straight up. This causes a tornado-like vortex spiraling towards the ceiling. 

Straight Clouds

Vaping has changed the smoke trick game without doubt about it. Some establishments even have cloud competitions, seeing which customers can produce the most cloud in one draw of their pen or rig! To really impress those in the vape community, this trick requires the lung capacity of a trained astronaut, some natural given ability, and some practice. To blow bigger clouds, open up the settings within your vaping device and inhale deep. Good luck trying to hold in that cough, which is a deduction in points of course!

Lineage vapors sees vaping as a fun, safer alternative to smoke cigarettes and other Tobacco products. Safer due to vaping's lack of carcinogens found in most tobacco products. The more fun coming from the endless variety of flavors, some of the tricks you can do, and the vaping community as a whole. Come into one of our 5 locations and speak with any of our associates regarding questions around vaping! They may even have some tips as well if you're trying to master some of these tricks!